VIP Rooms

These rooms must have reservations due to limited availability.

Please see boarding prices for required vaccinations.

VIP Rooms: Cost, regular boarding + $10.00 per night for the first dog. The second dog is regular price.

For example: You have a small dog that at regular boarding cost is $23.00 per night. The VIP would add $10.00 more per night, making it $33.00 per night.

The VIP rooms are larger then our regular runs inside and out. They also have a more at home feel, with beds, blankets, area rugs, side tables, and one room has a TV.

  • Dogs must have required shots.
  • Must have current vaccination records in our files.
  • Multi dog family can stay together.
  • Must have reservations.
  • Not All dogs qualify for VIP rooms. Staff can explain.
  • You must call in advance to cancel* your VIP reservation. *Failure to call results in a penalty of $10.00 for each night reserved.

Small VIP

large VIP

Please call during office hours for more information. 541-938-7633