From 7am-7pm

Monday - Sunday

We know how busy people are and how frustrating it can be to get pet care services after hours and on weekends when you need it most. We offer a unique service no other boarding kennel has, Self-service.

We have a dedicated building that allows you to drop off and pick up your dog after office hours and on weekends, including holidays. It has a automatic gate that locks at 7pm and unlocks 7am. We also have 24 hour surveillance cameras throughout the facility. 

Please plan ahead!!!! Our office is closed at 4pm and on weekends. Veterinarians are also closed in the evening and on weekends.

Self-service policies:

  • All vaccinations and payments are handled during office hours!
  • Vaccinations must be current in our records before you drop off your dog.
  • If vaccinations are not current in our records and you use self-service, your dog will be quarantined. You will be charged $75 per night and must pick up during office hours. 
  • All NEW customers must come in and TOUR before use.
  • To pick up after office hours you must pay in advance.
  • Any dog not paid in advance must picked up during office hours.
  • Self-service gate closes at 7pm automatically. NO pick up available after 7pm!
  • DO NOT go to nearby houses for assistance. They cannot help you, they do not work at the kennel!!!! (If you do this, you lose the ability to use Self-serve.)
  • Fill out a contract. Either use one available on a clip board or print one off of our contract page and fill out ahead of time.

Please follow instructions for self-service use.

Staff is here on weekends and holidays caring for all pets. The office is closed and we do not process shot records or payments.

If you're not able to find your dog for pick up when you have paid in advance, call and leave a message and we will get back to you the next day. If it is our mistake you will not be charged for that night's boarding.

Self-service return customer refresher video coming soon!